Sleeping Bags & Pillows

With many shapes and styles on the market, we aim to offer a selection of sleeping bags to suit any angler.
Not only will we be offering the top of the range carpers bags we will also include cheaper alternatives for the angler who spends less time on overnighters.

Sleeping bags are sometimes rated.
1 Season Sleeping Bags – Best for Summer - Usually Around +4/5 Degrees

2 Season Sleeping Bags - Later spring to early Autumn when it’s not sweltering, but when you are unlikely to be on the receiving end of cold snaps or snow. Around 0 degrees

3 Season Sleeping Bags - More technical than a 2 season bag, these are best for mild to cold nights, without frost, but with a very low temperature 0 to -5 degrees

4 Season Sleeping Bags- The most technical bag! These are made for very cold Winter nights in the outdoors. These are typically more bulky and weigh more, but they do keep you exceptionally warm. To -10 degrees.

Still cold? Check out our bivvy heaters!

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